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When the temperature outdoors reaches triple digits, the last thing you feel like doing is yard chores. However, you can only ignore your overgrown grass, weeds, and bushes for so long before your homeowner’s association takes notice.

While you may have mulled over hiring a landscaping contractor service to take care of it for you, it can get challenging to justify the cost. How many estimates have you received that wanted a fortune for weekly grass cutting?

Instead, Pro Quality Lawn Care continues offering the fast and affordable choice for all your landscape maintenance needs. We provide experienced lawn care professionals and more service options than anyone else around.

When you need the best in complete yard maintenance solutions, you can still count on us. Call us now to receive the best quality lawn care today.

Bush Trimming

You rely on your bushes to provide privacy in your backyard, but they soon grow out of control. However, those cheap electric hedge trimmers you bought at the hardware store remains a tangled mess out in the garage.

Bush trimming stays a delicate process, but many homeowners mishandle it. Either they lop off too many branches at once or cut off the wrong ones, you can quickly damage otherwise healthy plants within seconds.

Our yard care contractors can cut through the messiest hedges, leaving you with an evenly trimmed yard each week. And once we clean up behind ourselves, you’ll have professionally trimmed bushes without the hassle.

When your power tools leave you frustrated and don’t make the cut, you need an easier way to keep your yards looking their best. Hire us today to handle all your bush trimming needs for less.

Mulch Installation

Today, more homeowners are learning the benefits of using more natural approaches to pest and weed control. Not only are organic methods to these daily annoyances better for the environment, but it makes your property’s soil safer as a result.

Unfortunately, it can get challenging to find products that work without harsh toxic chemicals. Rather than buying something ineffective from the store, we can provide a better solution.

Wood mulching remains one of the best things you can do for your plants. These freshly chipped pieces help protect the roots of your plants from weather, bugs, and weeds, but it helps nourish them as well.

More landscaping contractors recommend mulch as the yard maintenance product that gets the most results. Enjoy the benefits of quality, organic mulching with our landscapers today.


De-Weeding Service

Everyone has weeds in their yard, and no one wants to pull them out. It quickly causes aches and pains in your back and knees, and the summer heat makes the chore unbearable.

Our team swoops in, removing more weeds from your flowerbeds without chemical treatments. Why fuss with your plants when Pro Quality Lawn Care handles them all for less every day?

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