Texas Leaf Removal

You wait all summer for the temperature to get a little more tolerable outside. Unfortunately, once the fall breezes begin, the leaves start to drop.

Not to mention any number of storms that roll through Texas, like tornadoes, hurricanes, tropical storms and more. It feels as though each time you turn around, there are heaps of dead leaves all over your yard.

You could spend hours raking every week and still seem to not make any headway. Or, you could do what most area homeowners prefer and hire Pro Quality Lawn Care instead.

Our landscaping contractors offer quick leaf removal each time we visit your home or office. Make cleaning up your yards straightforward and hire us today.

Leaf Removal Services

How many times have you watched other landscaping providers do little more than shoving all your leaves into bushes and flower beds? Although that technically works similarly to mulching, it isn’t quite the same process.

Mounds of wet, dead leaves only attract pests and lead to mold and mildew growth. Unfortunately, most companies don’t arrive with anything more than rakes and leaf blowers.

When you call us, you get leaf removal services the way they ought to occur. We use a massive tarp that we use to catch all your fallen leaves, and we haul it all away in one trip.

From there, they either get recycled with other plant materials, or they get disposed of appropriately. Hiring us means never needing to worry about your yards again.

Why Hire Leaf Removal?

Some homeowners may wonder why they can’t just throw their leaves away in their garbage bin. Even if your community uses a specified yard waste can, there may be regulations for how you dispose of plant materials.

Many of these rules stay in place to promote safer storm drain runoff, while others may reinforce conservation efforts. Whatever the reason why it’s better to let someone else handle it.

On most service calls, our customers remain amazed at how much we haul away. It’s almost always too much to throw away at once, especially when your bin already has other debris inside.

Our team of experienced lawn care professionals knows how to safely and correctly remove all your fallen leaves, limbs, and more. Call us now to ensure that your yard stays in good hands.


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You no longer need to waste your weekends raking and bagging leaves. Call Pro Quality Lawn Care today and save on a better quality of leaf removal services.

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