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First, you bought a bottle of liquid plant fertilizer to keep your grass, bushes, and flower vibrant. Then you purchased weed killer, and then bug repellent. Before you know it, you have more yard products than places to put them all, and you could still benefit from other items.

Not only are you running out of storage space, but you’re pumping a ton of chemicals into your home’s groundwater. That could eventually harm your yards or even your family.

While you could purchase natural insect predators and more natural-based products, most are ineffective and pricey. Or, you could call Pro Quality Lawn Care for affordable mulch installation.

Wood mulch is one of the most effective all-natural solutions to more of your yard care concerns. Call us for your best choice in local mulch installation services.

Weed Control Mulching

When weeds are still young, their stalks are barely strong enough to push through the dirt. It isn’t until they start stealing precious resources from your yard that they can start beefing up.

Weed control sprays use harsh chemicals that poison plants on the spot. However, as they die off, they might still drop healthy seeds, sprouting new ones on their way out.

When you have mulching installed as a weed control method, it prevents them from springing up in the first place. The dense wood chips will remain too heavy for weeds to lift, causing them to die off before they mature.

If you are still searching for an all-natural alternative to your weed problem, our mulch installation team has the perfect solution for you. Call us now for the best in organic control options.

Pest Control Mulch

It might not seem it, but most mulching stays a useful bug control product. Although mulching can get made from numerous types of trees and plants, nearly all make life tough on pests.

Many types of bark used in mulch contain oils which naturally act as bug repellants. And as the wood breaks down over time, it improves the soil’s chemistry, making it difficult for many pests to stick around.

Mulching can get used to prevent current insects from hatching more eggs, as well as keeping away fungal growths that can make plants ill. One installation will provide months of sustained protection with little to no maintenance needed.

If you are tired of subjecting your yard to toxic poison sprays, then organic wood mulch is the best way to keep your plants safe. Call us now for your trusted choice in mulch installations.


Yard Improvement Mulch

Many mulches use natural-based dyes to add more color to your plants as they offer their other many benefits. We install brown, black, red, and natural wood mulches, providing you with the hues you need to liven your lawns.

Dyed mulching is ideal around the bases of trees, along the edges of flowerbeds, and lining sidewalks. When your yard stays the same dull shade of green, Pro Quality Lawn Care is here to help.

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